A novel told a whole new way

Get Dirt is a mystery told through texts, emails and photos — but performed, so you can watch the characters interact in realtime.

It's all about secrets and lies, and the details you can't see with your own two eyes.

Watch the story unfold

This is a true experience: Marci has to follow the clues, and so do you... waiting for the right moment to corner a suspect, lure a mark, or spring a trap.

Every day turns the story on its head in unpredictable ways, with cliffhangers that will leave you desperate for more.

A sexy, funny mystery

Sure, this is a matter of life and death, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun...

With a diverse and colourful cast of characters (some of whom may not be entirely sane), Get Dirt is anything but boring.

Realtime playback in every scene

See the characters carry on a conversation loaded with false starts, dramatic pauses, and outright deception.

Bonus Content unlocked by clues

The story is just the start. Find clues in the text and around the internet to unlock bonus content.

Read faster with Binge Mode

Can't wait to see how it ends? Unlock Binge Mode and get the whole story at once!

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About the Author

MCM is a screenwriter, writer and developer with no sense of decorum. He spends part of his time working in TV, where he created the award-winning animated series RollBots, co-created Shutterbugs, and has written and story edited (with his writing partner, Craig Young) on series like Netflix's Justin Time and Sprout's Terrific Trucks.

Meanwhile, he is the author of books like Typhoon and the livewritten The Archivists, as well as ebook series like Niko Joe Adventures and Lennie Carson Mysteries.

When not writing those kinds of words, he writes apps for fun, because he was dropped as a child.

Check out his Facebook page for more info and/or emotional trauma.